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Future of IP Protection Podcast - Jayne Durden

In this episode, Branddy speaks to Jayne Durden, Trademark and Brand Protection Advisor at Sanders IP Law. During the episode, they talk about how brands need technology to protect their IP - they can no longer do it manually - as well as how to stay ahead of new landscapes like the Metaverse and how to be more proactive in enforcing your brand when faced with copycats.

Topics Discussed

  • How Jayne's long career in IP protection started pre-internet and has covered both physical commerce spaces and online ones and how she's worked with both big businesses and start-ups.
  • The evolution of how to find counterfeit goods and how it's gone from walking from store to store to scanning the internet to being prepared for the Metaverse and Web 3.0.
  • How it's easier than ever for brands to market themselves on social media today - but they have to do so without losing control of their brand, their message, or their products.
  • The value different generations place on what they buy, where it's from, how it's made, and whether it's a brand name or not.
  • The necessity for technology in helping enforce IP and the need for open communication, education, and information sharing so that problems can be addressed.
  • What the future of IP protection will look like, and why we'll see more brands step up and "speak for themselves" as they protect their products and reputation.
  • Top advice for brands who want to start or strengthen their IP protection strategy.

Guest Quotes

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