We protect your brand against online frauds.

Marqvision builds AI-powered software to modernize companies’ fight against online piracy, counterfeiters and other digital problems.

Our Story

CEO Mark Lee founded Marqvision in 2019 with the mission of modernizing companies' fight against fraud in the ecommerce space with artificial intelligence. Since then, Marqvision has grown exponentially.

Equipped with a strong team of legal and AI experts, Marqvision has been able to build a cutting-edge brand protection platform that allows companies to automatically detect and remove counterfeits sold online.

Since its successful launch in the US, Marqvision has initiated its plan to expand into the Asian market. As a first step toward that goal, it recently opened its Seoul office to protect Korean brands from IP infringements in China and Southeast Asia.

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Harvard Innovation Lab,
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302, Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea 06210