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Redefine your IP Rights Enforcement and Maximize your ROI

Identify and target the biggest infringers with clustering technology
Remove impersonating websites deceiving your consumers
Atomic AI detects counterfeits with SKU-level precision
Recover damages from counterfeiters and maximize your ROI
Enforce 10x faster with industry-first generative AI
Prioritize threats to your brand with risk-scoring

Join winning brands in securing IP rights and maximizing revenue


What should I expect from the demo?

Our demos are personalized to allow us to discuss the situation specific to your brand. We first speak with your team to get some preliminary information, before researching your brand's current situation with online infringements. We bring these findings to the demo meeting, where together we review the extent and impact of counterfeiting targeting your brand, before jointly creating a customized solution.

What information will I have to provide for the demo?

As we research your brand’s current situation with counterfeiting, the more information we are given, the more accurate and personalized the demo can be. Key information to provide includes:

  • Your current understanding of infringements targeting your brand
  • Key IP you want to protect
  • Common copyrighted imagery counterfeiters use in their infringements
What kind of IP does MarqVision protect?

We are able to protect all kinds of intellectual property. Trademark and copyright are the easiest to protect due to how our technology scans marketplaces, but even patented products are easily protectable.

Where does MarqVision operate?

We operate on over 1,500 platforms in over 100 countries. Rest assured that we can protect your brand on every major online marketplace, social media platform, and even on rogue websites.

Who in my organization will benefit from seeing the demo?

Any stakeholder currently working on brand protection would find the demo interesting. Common attendees include:

  • Founders & CEOs
  • Brand protection professionals
  • Legal counsels
  • Sales managers
  • Distribution managers
How long does the demo last?

Demos usually last between 30 and 60 minutes.


"Miele's IP rights are protected 24/7 with MarqVision's AI technology. With its continuous product upgrades, MarqVision is an important partner in growing our online business."

Tae Hyun Kim
Director of Ecommerce
Gentle Monster

"By constantly expanding its product features based on our needs, MarqVision has become an essential product in protecting long-term brand value."

Hyeun Jung Lee
General Counsel

“MarqVision has been a key partner in helping us scale our business without having to worry about losing our market to counterfeiters.”

Namju Kim
Director of Overseas Sales

"As an early user, I have experienced how quickly MarqVision was able to build new features tailored to our IP protection needs. MarqVision is a reliable partner that now protects four of our most loved brands."

Sophia Ko
Director of Online Business

"MarqVision has proven to be a genuine partner in protecting our brand's intellectual property. Their solution has dramatically reduced our working time on counterfeit issues by half weekly."

Aron Kim
Director of Business Development