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Acmé de la vie
Brand Abuse

Acme De La Vie

Gaining explosive popularity for its iconic baby face print, Acme De La Vie is a rapidly growing street fashion brand that leads the industry with its avant-garde and trendy collections.

Xiaomi Case Study
Unauthorized Sales
Parallel Imports


Chinese tech giant Xiaomi attracted counterfeits and gray market issues, targeting its expansive and highly popular product portfolio, as its successful global expansion continued into Indonesia.

Discovery - F&F
Unauthorized Sales


MLB, MLB Kids, Discovery

As a major player in the fashion industry, F&F recognizes the importance of safeguarding its IP, diligently working to protect its assets against counterfeiting and ensuring a safe experience for consumers in global online marketplaces.

Educational Content
Digital Piracy


CLASS101 has risen as an award-winning trailblazer in online education, providing hundreds of industry leaders, masters, and experts across countless fields with platform to share their knowledge.


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