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Eliminate Counterfeits Real-Time

Detect and remove counterfeits real-time from top 100 global online marketplaces with our proprietary AI technology
Automatically collect evidence and submit claims to hundreds of IP reporting centers with a click of button
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Access Seller Intelligence

Identify high-risk sellers and match data across platforms to discover the real source of threat
Obtain a helicopter view of counterfeiting activities and get key insights to make informed decisions
Get detailed seller intelligence to track down counterfeiters that are most likely to affect your brand
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Oversee Enforcements Globally

Handle complex enforcement challenges through anonymous test purchases and powerful notice letters
Leverage local teams based in Asia to carry out global investigations to get to the source of unauthorized production of counterfeits
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Automate the entire brand protection workflow with the power of AI

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Enforcements per week

Auto-detect and auto-report thousands of counterfeits a day by monitoring the largest online marketplaces around the globe 24/7.
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Removal Success Rate

Achieve consistently high removal success rate using our proprietary AI technology with an optional human-in-the-loop review. 

Asian Market Integration

Integrate with the largest selection of online marketplaces and social media in Asia and uncover millions of illicit product listings.

Fraction of costs

Automate the detection and removal of counterfeits and reduce costs up to 97%+ by eliminating the need for manual operations.
Global Coverage

Gain access to the largest selection of online marketplaces worldwide

Global Market Coverage

Remove counterfeits from the 1,500+ online marketplaces and thousands of rogue websites, covering 97% of the global market.

Expertise in Asia-based Marketplaces

Gain control of the least controllable - monitor, report and talk to Asian online marketplaces with the help of our local team of enforcement specialists.

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Case Studies

Client Testimonials

"Miele's IP rights are protected 24/7 with MarqVision's AI technology. With its continuous product upgrades, MarqVision is an important partner in growing our online business."
Tae Hyun Kim
Director of Ecommerce
"By constantly expanding its product features based on our needs, MarqVision has become an essential product in protecting long-term brand value."
Sohyeon Lee
Head of Financial Planning & Legal
Gentle Monster
“MarqVision has been a key partner in helping us scale our business without having to worry about losing our market to counterfeiters.”
Namju Kim
Director of Overseas Sales
Acme de la vie
"As an early user, I have experienced how quickly MarqVision was able to build new features tailored to our IP protection needs. MarqVision is a reliable partner that now protects four of our most loved brands."
Sophia Ko
Director of Online Business
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