Protect your brands from fakes
your brands from fakes
Automatically discover and remove counterfeits to protect your brands and reputation
Trusted by world’s leading companies
Worldwide Coverage
Remove counterfeits from worldwide platforms
We cover 25 marketplaces in 10 countries, with a strong focus in Asia-Pacific markets.  
Why Us
Automatically take down infringements 24/7 with an AI-powered platform
Enforcements per week
We can detect and remove up to 1,000 counterfeits a week. Our automated system allows us to continuously monitor more than 20 marketplaces 24/7.
Removal Success Rate
For every 100 counterfeit products reported to marketplaces, we remove about 92 fake products on average. Our high success rate is possible due to our cutting-edge AI algorithms.
Anti-Counterfeiting Cost
We can detect, report and remove counterfeits at a fraction of the cost of traditional anti-counterfeiting efforts. We automate the anti-counterfeiting process E2E resulting in significant time and cost savings.
Global Marketplaces
Our global marketplace coverage means that you do not have to rely on multiple service providers to remove counterfeits in different markets. You can maintain your control across the world, and especially in Asia.
How it works
Three Simple Steps
Step 1
Get real-time visibility into all IP infringements using our AI-based image recognition model and proprietary search algorithms.
Step 2
Request a take-down of infringing listings from your dashboard with just a click of a button.
Step 3
Determine how much revenue you are recapturing from IP infringers by monitoring a real-time KPI dashboard.
Image Recognition
Our deep-learning-based image recognition model scans through millions of product listings online in order to quickly and accurately find potentially infringing listings with images containing the protected product.
Machine Learning
Our machine learning model detects infringements based on listing information such as price, product description and customer reviews, while at the same time self-improving its accuracy based on patterns it finds among confirmed infringements.  
Bot-Powered Reporting
Our bot-powered reporting system not only automates the process of filing takedown requests, but also displays on dashboards relevant KPIs that allow users to assess the impact of their anti-counterfeiting efforts.
Client Testimonials
“MarqVision is an important partner for Ralph Lauren, and they power our brand by providing fast and reliable removal of counterfeit products.”
Daiyoung Hwang
Director of Business Development
/ 4
“With MarqVision brand protection service, we’re saving money and time. To do that with a legal team would be very difficult and expensive.”
Byung Woo Chun
Representative Director
/ 4
“Thanks to MarqVision, we could have made a lot of business decisions by tracking products’ price infringements around the world”
Jin Soo Lee
/ 4
“Before we even initiate sales of our authentic product, we’ve had more than 1,000 counterfeit products taken down from various countries and ecommerce platforms.”
Seung Woo Hong
/ 4