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CLASS101 has risen as a trailblazer in the realm of online class subscriptions, revolutionizing the way individuals engage with learning experiences globally. With an extensive array of over 5,000 classes spanning 140 diverse categories, CLASS101's subscription service delivers boundless access to knowledge in areas such as hobbies, careers, languages, and more.

Recognizing the importance of authentic and valuable content, CLASS101 has fostered partnerships with industry leaders, masters, and experts across various fields. These contributors bring a wealth of practical knowledge and insights, enriching the platform's class offerings, enhancing the learning journey for users, and providing new career opportunities for expert content creators.

This unique approach to learning garnered them a significant reputation in the Korean online class industry, positioning them as frontrunners in innovation and knowledge dissemination.

The Challenge

As CLASS101's influence expanded across the educational landscape in Korea, so did the challenge of piracy. The wealth of class content available on their platform became an alluring target for infringers seeking to exploit the efforts and insights of creators.

These unauthorized reproductions not only diluted the educational experience but also posed a grave threat to creators' intellectual property rights and livelihoods.

In CLASS101's pursuit of a comprehensive IP protection strategy, they encountered two chief obstacles: 

Illegal Distribution Links

Illicit distribution links are meticulously formatted by pirates to avoid detection and identification. Strategies include avoiding branded names and known keywords, editing identifying screenshots, and sharing links via messaging channels.

Translation also proved a major hurdle for CLASS101’s anti-piracy efforts. As many of the sites that illegally share CLASS101’s content are based in countries across Asia, the title and descriptions of the content are translated from the original Korean into other Asian languages. This means that searching for key phrases and branded names in Korean often result in no infringements found. Without a multilingual team of brand protection professionals able to monitor these sites, it creates a challenge that’s near impossible to overcome with an in-house solution.

This complexity makes detecting and reporting these links a daunting task through manual means.

Overwhelming Volumes

The sheer number of unauthorized links spread across numerous online locations made effective management and control exceptionally challenging. Thousands of cases of illegally distributed content created by CLASS101 were being discovered, spread across video platforms, social networks, and search engine results. 

Such infringements also posed a major threat to the intellectual property of CLASS101’s creators. Through various routes, such as websites illegally using CLASS101's IP or copying and spreading it, CLASS101 decided they needed to monitor and thoroughly manage a more diverse list of channels.

While CLASS101 had created their own robust strategy for protecting their own IP, they soon realized that proper protection would be impossible without a robust automated IP protection system. 

The Solution

MarqVision has deployed its advanced AI-powered solutions to ensure the safety and integrity of CLASS101's invaluable content. With a focus on leveraging technology to empower and defend IP, MarqVision's partnership with CLASS101 showcases the potency of using cutting-edge technological solutions for intellectual property protection.


Detection is the first step in MarqVision’s solution, powered by a sophisticated crawling system that systematically scans prominent online platforms. Powered by AI-generated search keywords, this system deftly identifies high-risk listings that signal potential infringements. By analyzing patterns frequently associated with unauthorized content, MarqVision's detection process swiftly and accurately pinpoints areas of concern.

Full-field Monitoring allows MarqVision to effectively counteract intellectual property infringement and provide a digital landscape clear of widespread piracy. In order to cover the countless vulnerable online channels, MarqVision launches comprehensive campaign t, including:

  • Search Engines
  • Social Media
  • Video Platforms
  • App Stores
  • Messaging Apps
  • E-commerce Platforms
  • P2P Torrents & Cyberlockers

AI Analysis then allows detected listings to undergo two key AI-driven logic processes to ensure the accuracy of potential infringements. 

Semantic analysis delves into textual information such as website addresses, URLs, and link titles to quickly verify huge volumes of potential infringements. Meanwhile, image analysis meticulously compares images within listings to their authentic counterparts, processing elements like characters and backgrounds within original images

This multifaceted approach calculates scores that indicate potential infringement, thereby providing a comprehensive assessment of the detected listings. The result is a highly accurate dataset of infringements to be passed on to enforcement, reducing the error margin and increasingly saving CLASS101’s time.


Automated reporting systems, seamlessly integrated with major copyright reporting centers of major channels and marketplaces, operate at all hours every day. These systems remain ready to automatically escalate infringements as soon as they’ve been verified through the AI analysis.

By swiftly communicating potential infringements to the relevant channels, MarqVision ensures that appropriate measures are taken promptly, allowing CLASS101 to remove pirated content before it can start to truly harm the business.

The Results

The swift and seamless integration of MarqVision's cutting-edge solutions into CLASS101's defense strategy has paved the way for a promising result. 

The synergy of AI-driven detection, meticulous analysis, and efficient reporting has created a robust defense that seamlessly aligns with CLASS101's vision for the longevity of their creative endeavors.

CLASS101's copyrighted materials now enjoy a shield of comprehensive protection that extends well into the future. With MarqVision's technology in place, the stage is set for sustained security against unauthorized content distribution. CLASS101 is now safe in the knowledge that their IP is well protected, allowing them to focus on what really matters: committing to a high-quality service for their customers and unlocking the global potential of their business.

"By entrusting MARQ Content, an AI-based automatic piracy blocking platform, and MARQ Commerce, a brand protection platform, we expect to strengthen the intellectual property and class copyright protection of our creators, as well as protect the rights and interests of our creators"

Hyeonseo Ku

CLASS101 General Manager

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