Case Study

Acme De La Vie

Brand Abuse
Enforcements per month
Enforcement Success Rate
$700 Million
Value of counterfeits enforced
Acmé de la vie

Acme De La Vie

Acme De La Vie is a young street fashion brand that has been bringing the hottest trends to the market since 2017. Gaining explosive popularity and recognition for its iconic babyface print, Acme De La Vie rose as one of Asia’s highest ranking street style brands. It currently operates over thirty stores in China, Australia, Vietnam, and Malaysia, and plans to open additional stores beyond Asia within the next few months. While retaining its identity as a trendy casual-wear brand, Acme De La Vie continues to expand its sales overseas and expects $10 million in revenue in 2021.

Over the past decade, fashion brands have increasingly embraced ecommerce as a key driver for growth; but a large online presence entails many risks. The greatest challenge to brand protection in the digital age is that online counterfeiting tactics quickly evolve. Acme De La Vie realized that in order to protect its online presence effectively, it needs to stay ahead of these evolving tactics and update its brand protection measures accordingly.

The Challenge

Brand abuse by infringers free-riding on the Acme De La Vie trademark
Lack of a systematic approach to dealing with online counterfeiters and their evolving behaviors

As the brand rapidly expanded, Acme De La Vie saw an increase in bad actors selling counterfeit products online. Moreover, it saw an increase in infringers abusing its brand by using its trademark to sell products that Acme De La Vie has never produced or sold. Such cheaply produced counterfeits were being confused with authentic Acme De La Vie items, which not only led to revenue leakage but also damaged the trust between Acme De La Vie and its loyal customers.

Faced with this problem, Acme De La Vie quickly realized that the online counterfeit market is too large to tackle manually without advanced technology. Hiring additional employees to manually enforce counterfeit listings and analyze patterns to spot trends in counterfeiting behavior was too costly for a young, fast-growing brand like Acme De La Vie. Therefore, it was important for Acme De La Vie to find a partner who could fight fakes efficiently and effectively on its behalf.

The Solution

MarqVision’s market-leading technology has expedited the brand protection process and has significantly reduced the volume of online infringements, regaining lost sales and brand reputation
MarqVision’s IP experts have regularly provided up-to-date enforcement strategies to proactively deal with counterfeiters’ evolving tactics

Brand protection is a long-term solution that requires a partner who can continuously develop  appropriate strategies and systems. Fortunately, with MarqVision's deep-learning-based AI technology, Acme De La Vie realized it could target more marketplaces in less time to enforce counterfeit listings and sellers at scale. Through MarqVision, the brand has been able to not only automate the process of detecting and enforcing counterfeits, but also systematically analyze seller activities to adjust to evolving counterfeiting patterns. This has enabled the brand to restore its reputation among customers who can now be successfully redirected to authentic products.

Additionally, MarqVison’s experts have provided effective strategies for brand protection through market status analysis. Detecting even the most recent and complicated modes of counterfeiting, MarqVision’s AI and experts together have successfully uncovered the true scale of the counterfeit scene. By identifying high-risk counterfeit activities based on the listings detected by the AI, MarqVision’s experts have provided renewed solutions every month. Acme De La Vie can now focus on the most damaging sellers and listings to prevent a lasting impact on its brand as it moves forward in the global stage.

The Results

4,000+ enforcements per month
99% enforcement success rate
$700 million worth of infringements enforced

Since adopting MarqVision, Acme De La Vie has been enforcing over 4,000 listings per month on Chinese and other online marketplaces in Asia. At a 99% enforcement success rate, the total value of counterfeits that MarqVision has removed for the client surpasses $700 million. For Acme De La Vie, MarqVision’s service is instrumental in maintaining control of online channels and protecting consumer experience as it continuously develops as a trendy, premium street fashion brand.

“MarqVision has been a key partner in helping us scale our business without having to worry about competing with counterfeits.”

Namju Kim

Director of Overseas Sales at Acme De La Vie

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