How Brands Can Achieve Consistent and Scalable Success in Protecting Their IP

Future of IP Protection Podcast - Carrie Hedayati

In this episode, Branddy speaks to Carrie Hedayati, Intellectual Property Counsel at 100% and attorney owner of the Law Office of Carrie Hedayati. During the episode, they discuss the challenges to IP protection today and actionable steps and strategies brands should take to improve their current state of IP protection.

Topics Discussed

  • The challenges to protecting IP due to the accelerated pace of innovation and other factors.
  • What brands are getting wrong about IP protection, and what they can do to make sure their brand is protected earlier and more thoroughly.
  • Steps brands can take to create a brand protection strategy, like reviewing your current IP, tightening up your portfolio, and having a plan for the time commitment needed.
  • Why brands should approach protecting their iP like mowing the lawn and digging out weeds.
  • What new technology is currently advancing IP protection and helping make it easier for brands.
  • What the future of IP protection is, and why the pace of innovation and protection need to sync up in order for brands to be more successful.
  • Actionable advice brands can take to succeed in IP protection, including being curious and creative.

Guest Quotes

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