Protecting IP - and People's Dreams - Through Collaboration and Anti-Counterfeiting

Future of IP Protection Podcast - Allison Cunningham

In this episode, Branddy speaks to Allison Cunningham, Program Manager, Strategy at IACC. During the episode, they talk about the ways IP protection keeps consumers safe and dreams protected, the current state of IP and how it's adapting to technological advances, and advice for those wanting to succeed with their IP protection strategy.

Topics Discussed

  • How Allison got involved in the world of anti-counterfeiting, and how her work focuses on collaborating with stakeholders to make sure they have the right resources.
  • How IP protection not only keeps consumers safe, but keeps people's dreams protected as well.
  • Why one of the biggest challenges today is how to get executives and stakeholders to care about brand protection, and why they should view it as a profit center and saver, and not as a cost center.
  • The current state of IP protection and how the IP protection space needs to adapt to new technologies pushed forward by the pandemic.
  • How artificial intelligence and machine learning can help enforce IP, but only if humans collaborate on training AI to enhance its effectiveness.
  • What the future of IP protection will look like, and how, based on the past, it will extend from single websites and ecommerce to social media.
  • What actionable steps IP professionals can take in order to succeed in this rapidly changing landscape.

Guest Quotes

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