Beyond IP Enforcement: Protecting Your Brand's Reputation with Data, AI, and Stakeholder Communication

Future of IP Protection - Mark Leonard

Introducing the Future of IP Protection Podcast!

Today, we're excited to announce our new podcast: Future of IP Protection!

This show is dedicated to arming companies with the skills, know-how, and technology they need to future-proof their IP protection strategy for the years ahead. 

In each episode, our host Branddy Spence, Head of Marketing for MarqVision, interviews a successful IP professional to learn from their experiences, distill their best practices, and leave our listeners with actionable insights that can immediately be put to work. 

Episode 1: Beyond IP Enforcement: Protecting Your Brand's Reputation with Data, AI, and Stakeholder Communication

In this episode, Branddy speaks to Mark Leonard, General Counsel at Sunsweet Growers Inc. During the episode, they talk about in-house brand management, how IP protection is linked to brand reputation, and ways brands can better protect themselves with data.

Topics Discussed

  • What brand protection looks like in-house, where the legal department touches every department.
  • What the current landscape of brand protection is, and why it goes beyond just IP enforcement.
  • Why ecommerce is one of the biggest challenges to brands who want to track and monitor marketplaces for copyright infringement.
  • How today's monitoring platforms are becoming more sophisticated and generating useful business intelligence.
  • How to use the data gathered from monitoring efforts to address gray market issues and improve communication.
  • What brand protection will look like in five years, and why AI will play a big role in streamlining efforts.

Actionable advice for brands on how to protect their IP, including why it's important to be able to communicate your brand protection strategy to stakeholders and how to train stakeholders to look for red flags. 

We look forward to bringing you more conversations with actionable insights that help in your pursuit to future-proof your IP protection strategy for the years ahead.

Guest Quotes

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