Nestlé's Myrtha Hurtado Rivas on How IP Protection Strategies Should Respond to Evolving Technology

Future of IP Protection Podcast - Myrtha Hurtado Rivas

In this episode, Branddy speaks to Myrtha Hurtado Rivas, General Counsel Brands, Marketing Properties, Licensing & Anti-Counterfeiting at Nestlé.

Myrtha and Branddy talk about the current state of IP protection, how evolving technology presents opportunities and challenges to protecting brands, and how IP laws may evolve to address those new challenges. They also discuss why you should never view an IP strategy as static, why brands need to pay attention to both global and local trends, and what the future of IP protection will look like.

Topics Discussed

  • The current landscape of IP protection, which is a "mixed picture" that's covering physical and digital, and where some countries are advanced while others lag behind.
  • How IP laws might evolve, including where to revise old laws and where new laws might be needed.
  • How to develop an IP strategy, and why it's important to view your IP strategy as fluid, responsive to new tech, and following the business strategy.
  • Why you should follow global trends, but also pay attention to how local trends are impacting IP protection, too.
  • How to balance the need to protect IP while also encouraging innovation and creativity, especially from start-ups.
  • What the future of IP protection will look like, and how it needs to respond to new technologies and embrace change.
  • Advice for better IP protection, which includes thinking beyond legal services, staying on top of new technology, and onboarding the right talent.

Guest Quotes


"We need to start reviewing laws. We need to start seeing where is it that effectively we're missing something that doesn't allow us to protect innovation via AI or via other technologies that are disrupting our trade today." (7:13)


"An IP strategy is never a document that is set in stone. Because the IP strategy necessarily needs to follow the business strategy. And the business strategy can change very quickly." (12:47)


"For me, [the future] is around technology. This is going to be and will continue to be the one thing that we really need to watch, that we really need to figure out how to embrace." (30:30)


"If we don't create an environment where it's okay to try out something and then to fail ... then it's going to be very difficult to really get what we can out of those new technologies. We need to have a different type of mindset." (34:47)


"We need to do a better job as to explain what the role of IP is. ... How can we make sure that everyone within a company or within an organization understands what IP can do and how we can add value across the entire lifecycle of our products or services?" (41:27)

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