Winning the Game of IP Protection with USAOPOLY's Paul May

Future of IP Protection Podcast - Paul May

In this episode, Branddy speaks to Paul May, Vice President, Creative & Production at USAOPOLY. During the episode, they talk about how "The Op" goes about protecting their popular board games through registered trademarks and logos and the ways in which software, customers, and factory tours have surfaced counterfeits. They also discuss what makes a successful IP protection strategy, the evolving role technology will play in IP protection over the next five years, how organizations like the IACC and getting to know your customs officers can help you, and why it's key to get everyone involved in protecting the brand.

Topics Discussed

  • How Paul finds counterfeits of USAOPOLY games, from customers raising concerns over poorly made pieces, to touring factories and finding them producing unauthorized pieces.
  • The strategies USAOPOLY uses to protect their IP, especially when a game itself can't necessarily be patented.
  • How emerging tech like 3D printing will only make it easier for bad actors to produce counterfeit products.
  • The collaborative nature of IP protection, from getting people in your organization involved to networking with vendors and competitors to uncover counterfeits.
  • Lessons learned in protecting IP and finding counterfeits, and why often it starts with realizing you have a counterfeit problem in the first place.
  • How evolving technology will continue to make scouring the internet and finding counterfeits much easier for brands.
  • Three pieces of advice for brands around better IP protection including registering trademarks, investing in people, and joining organizations.

Guest Quotes

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