StockX's Paul Foley on How to Build a Brand Protection Authentication Strategy

Future of IP Protection Podcast - Paul Foley

In this episode, Branddy speaks to Paul Foley, Head of Brand Protection at StockX, online marketplace and clothing reseller.

Branddy and Paul talk about why brands need a multi-layer approach to their authentication strategy, which includes registration, enforcement, protection online, and more, and advice on how to go about putting that strategy in place. They also discuss the role AI and ML might play in IP protection and counterfeit detection, how brands can prepare for a future where resale platforms only increase, and why collaboration is key to IP protection.

Topics Discussed

  • How Paul made his way to brand protection by starting in supply chain and sourcing, then joined a team to combat counterfeiting before becoming Head of Brand Protection at StockX.
  • Why brands need a multi-layered approach to protecting their IP that includes tells on the product, enforcement, and having an online strategy.
  • What role AI and ML will play in the future of IP protection, and how it can help to detect counterfeits as quality only gets more sophisticated.
  • Advice for brands on how to work with platforms like StockX, and how to combine information to combat counterfeiters.
  • What brands need to know about the future of IP protection, especially as resale platforms will only get more popular.
  • Top advice for brands looking to start better protecting their IP today.

Guest Quotes

#1.)  "To have a full brand protection authentication strategy, it needs to be a multi-layered approach. ... And it goes just beyond the ability to authenticate your product. You also need to be willing to do enforcement when you catch people that are violating your IP." (3:46)

#2.) "The quality of replicas has always increased over the years. Before, years ago, when you were on Canal Street in New York or at the night market in Hong Kong, you knew you were looking at fakes or counterfeits. But now the quality has become much better." (7:27)

#3.) "Having been on the brand side and having been on the marketplace side, the brands don't have all the information. The marketplaces don't have all the information. But together we have a lot of information that can be turned into actionable intelligence against the bad guys." (9:43)

#4.) "I don't think the resale platforms are going away. And as Gen Z increases their spending powers over the years, these are the markets that they're most familiar with and most comfortable with. So I think it's going to be really good for brands and us to collaborate together." (12:27)

#5.) "Make sure you register your IP. And even if you're a brand that's just starting out, just don't think locally, think globally. Register your marks as many places around the world as you can because that investment will pay off in the long run." (14:06)

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