A Simple Step-By-Step Guide: Amazon Brand Registry


A Simple Step-By-Step Guide: Amazon Brand Registry

Promoting your brand and products, grabbing the attention of new customers, and gaining a steady customer base in itself is not easy. And accomplishing these goals on Amazon, the world’s largest online marketplace, consisting of millions of competitors, is even more challenging. On top of that, having to deal with counterfeit products, product safety issues, and trademark infringements makes it particularly difficult to protect and grow your brand on Amazon. 

Luckily, Amazon offers a program that can help. Amazon Brand Registry membership provides you with control over your product listings, access to various brand-building tools, and the opportunity to improve your customer’s experience – setting you up with the things that you need to be successful on Amazon. In this post, we will explain the benefits of Amazon Brand Registry or Brand Registry for short, and further explain how to enroll your brand in Brand Registry through simple steps.

Benefits of Amazon Brand Registry

  1. Protection: With Brand Registry, you can protect your business from unauthorized sellers, counterfeit products, and intellectual property (IP) infringements. This prevents any misleading products and hence results in a positive customer experience.
  2. Ownership: Brand Registry grants sellers control over product listings. This ensures that your product information is accurate, prevents the misuse of your brand name or trademark, and stops competitors from changing listing contents.
  3. Customization: By utilizing programs like “A+ Content” to customize your product detail pages and “Amazon Stores” to customize your brand store, you are able to set your brand apart from competitors at no cost and provide your customers with an immersive experience.
  4. Promotion: Brand Registry offers programs, such as “Sponsored Brand,” which allows you to leverage custom headline ads for search results pages. Amazon also offers a live stream video feature, “Amazon Live” which helps you increase brand awareness and provides you with the opportunity to easily engage with your customers.

How to Get Started with Amazon Brand Registry

Before jumping into the steps, it is important to know that filing a trademark is necessary for protecting your brand and more importantly, for your access to Brand Registry. For those who have not yet filed a trademark for your brand, Amazon provides a program called IP Accelerator, which connects sellers with a network of trusted IP law firms that provide trademark registration services. Once you have filed a trademark application with IP Accelerator, you will be able to enroll in Brand Registry and have access to the benefits provided without having to wait for a full year until your trademark has been registered. 

Step 1: Checklist of requirements

  • An active registered trademark / pending trademark application filed through IP Accelerator or a trademark office
  • A text-based or image-based trademark (the trademark text must match the brand name on the application)
  • If the trademark is image-based, you will need to upload an exact copy of the image as it appears on your trademark record
  • Distinct brand name and logo
  • The seller is either the trademark owner or is authorized by the owner to apply for Brand Registry

Step 2: Access the website and begin the registration process 

Step 3: Create an account or sign in to an existing Brand Registry account

Step 4: Enroll your brand by entering the required information

  • Your brand name that has an active registered trademark or a pending trademark
  • Images that show that your brand name appears on your products or packaging
  • The trademark registration number or pending registration application number
  • A list of product categories (trademark classes of goods/services)

Once again, make sure that having a registered trademark is your highest priority before proceeding any further, as it is the stepping stone to protecting and growing your brand. Take full advantage of all the opportunities that come with Amazon Brand Registry and make your way in the world as a successful business!

If your trademarks are already registered domestically, and you are looking to expand your trademark registration to other countries, MarqVision’s trademark registration solution, MARQ Folio, makes it easy and affordable to register trademarks abroad. Our team of in-house experts and our elite global network of top-tier law firms will be there to support you through the entire registration process. To learn more about how MarqVision can help you file your trademarks overseas visit https://www.marqvision.com/product/marq-folio  

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