The 2023 State of Brand Protection Report - DTC edition is here!

As e-commerce continues to grow, so does the threat of intellectual property (IP) infringement. In order to understand the challenges facing brands in the digital age, MarqVision surveyed 295 companies around the world to uncover the struggles and successes of IP protection. Download the State of Brand Protection 2023 Report now and learn how to protect your brand in the fight against IP theft.

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Top 3 key findings

The majority of brands have had their products counterfeited.

of respondents say someone has counterfeited their brand’s products
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The most significant impact of counterfeiting was damage to their reputation.

say the biggest impact of counterfeiting was damage to reputation
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The biggest challenges are finding counterfeits and having the manpower to monitor for them.

of respondents say their biggest challenge is locating fake listings on the many marketplaces across the internet.
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Download the 2023 State of Brand Protection Report today.