The Role of IP Professionals in Business Strategy with BEDGEAR's Joseph Codispoti

Future of IP Protection Podcast - Joseph Codispoti

In this episode, Branddy speaks with Joseph Codispoti, the Chief of IP Counsel at BEDGEAR.  With a career spanning several years, he has developed a strong reputation for his outstanding legal judgment, leadership abilities, and practical guidance. Joseph's expertise encompasses a broad range of areas, including patent preparation, prosecution, and drafting, as well as IP portfolio development, claims management, and risk analysis.

During this episode, they discuss the importance of quality in IP protection, the evolution of IP law, why it's important to find opportunities to participate in the use of IP, the future of IP, and more!

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Topics Discussed

  • The evolution of IP law and how it has impacted the role of IP professionals
  • The importance of quality in IP protection and the role of IP professionals in ensuring that quality
  • IP in business strategy and the importance of understanding the impact of IP on the overall business
  • Differences between patent and trademark law and how they impact IP professionals
  • The impact of tech on IP law and the changing landscape of IP protection in today's world 
  • The importance of building relationships with inventors and brand managers in order to get a fuller picture of the IP being protected
  • The role of IP professionals in helping clients navigate the complexities of IP transactions
  • How Joseph sees his role as an IP professional changing in the coming years 

Guest Quotes

  1. "The IP professional of today, compared to 10 years ago or 20 years ago, has to be more attuned to the business aspects of IP, not just the legal aspects."
  2. "Number one, quality has to happen at the beginning. You can't make up for it. It leads me to the second thing, a subpart is if you're in the patent field, you need to squeeze your inventors for information. If you're in the trademark field, you need to squeeze those product and brand managers for details."
  3. "I think it's important to understand the impact of IP. It's not just a piece of paper, it's not just a grant or a registration, it's how it affects the business going forward."
  4. "One of the big challenges with technology is keeping up with it, making sure you're aware of what's out there, what's available, what's being used, what's being developed."
  5. "Every inventor loves their invention. You've got to get them to talk more about what's around the corner too. Like, okay, where is this going to lead us? Do you have something else that's going to be the second act?"

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