Purple’s James Larson on Brand Protection in the Age of AI

Future of IP Protection Podcast - James Larson

In this episode, Branddy speaks with James Larson, Deputy General Counsel of IP at Purple.

During the episode, they delve into the practical impact of generative AI on the IP landscape, the ongoing discourse on whether IP acts as a driver or deterrent for innovation, and how startups can strategically manage their IP approach even with limited resources.

The discussion also navigates the tension between evolving technology and the enduring relevance of IP law, and showcases how experienced professionals like James craft innovative solutions to overcome challenges.

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Topics Discussed

  • How generative AI, like ChatGPT and Bard, is changing the landscape of intellectual property.
  • The long-running debate between whether IP encourages or stifles creativity and innovation in the business world.
  • How a young brand can wisely prioritize their IP strategy within the constraints of low budgets and high expectations.
  • The battle between fast-evolving technology and how IP law will always lag behind, but also always stay relevant and essential.
  • How experienced IP professionals like James find creative and innovative solutions to problems then help them overcome major hurdles.

Guest Quotes

#1.)  I think Chat GPT, first of all, may produce challenges, but I also think it produces opportunity. I've spoken with a lot of patent practitioners who have leaned into it and actually are using it, and I think that's smart

#2.) One of the things that I think you'll find with most patent practitioners is we are pretty adamant, at least I am, that I don't think IP protection stifles innovation. I think it actually encourages it. 

#3.) I think as a young company, I'm always looking at what are their needs? Is this a company that truly has if they're looking for innovative or an invention type of device protection, or are they looking for brand protection? If they've got a really great name and 40 people are going to want to take that name and use it, well, now let's worry about a logo and a trademark

#4.)  Technology is going to constantly evolve. So the way I see IP is, it has to evolve with it.

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