NRF's Stephanie Martz’s Expert Advice on Harnessing Innovation in Retail

Future of IP Protection Podcast - Stephanie Martz

In this episode, Branddy speaks with Stephanie Martz, Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel of the National Retail Federation.

During the episode, Stephanie gives an insider’s look into the ever-shifting landscape of intellectual property in the United States. With experience working as a lawyer for a federal judge, on Capitol Hill, and even in the White House as part of the Obama Administration, she provides vital insights on non-practising entities, artificial intelligence, and the NRF and the support it provides its members, before providing three key pieces of advice for brands listening in.

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Topics Discussed

  • Why non-practising entities, also known as “patent trolls”, have been swiftly diminishing in recent years. 
  • The impact AI is having on the IP landscape 
  • The work conducted by the National Retail Federation 
  • The ways in which the IP protection world finds itself in a time of flux, from patent eligibility, the appeal review process, and laws developing in the Federal Circuit 
  • The conversations happening with now in Capitol Hill surrounding IP law.

Guest Quotes

#1.)  "A retailer is not just a seller of goods. It's an entrepreneur, a marketer, an employer, deeply invested in customer service, and capable of anticipating trends." 03:14


“You have to be able to see trends around the corner and have goods in your store that that your customers want, but goods that they don't know they want yet. I love learning from our members, and I have so much respect for what they do every day. It's really fun.” 03:30

#3.) “The rate of patent litigation has gone down from a high watermark in 2012 of about 7,500 cases filed per year, down to about 4,500. So that's been really, really positive." 08:46

#4.) “We have plenty of other members who similarly rely on the strength of their brand and the protection the IP law gives them to make sure that they maintain consistency, customer loyalty, and grow their market share.” 16:50

#5.) “It becomes really difficult in the age of the Internet, when there are both the established marketplaces that we all know, and many of us love, as well as marketplaces on social media and all kinds of other places that are cropping up every day, and it can be very, very difficult to police your brand.” 17.10

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