INTA CEO Etienne Sanz de Acedo on Transforming IP into a Revenue Center

Future of IP Protection Podcast - Etienne Sanz de Acedo

In this episode, Branddy speaks with Etienne Sanz de Acedo, the CEO of INTA, for an in-depth discussion on the current state of intellectual property. 

During the episode, Etienne shares insights on the evolving landscape of IP, the impact of new technologies and players, and the importance of integrating IP into business strategies. He also explores a story of AI in generating speeches and offers valuable advice for entrepreneurs looking to navigate the world of intellectual property. Tune in for a comprehensive overview of IP in the digital age.

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Topics Discussed

  • The state of intellectual property today and the need for heightened consumer protection in the digital realm.
  • Raising awareness about the value and impact of IP on the economy, GDP, and research and development.
  • The adaptation of IP protection laws in response to new technologies, including the Internet of Things, AI, blockchain, and the Metaverse, and the challenges of keeping up with rapid technological advancements.
  • Changing dynamics in the world of IP, such as entrepreneurs favoring online IP registration and the accelerated pace of product life cycles compared to IP rights.
  • The profound influence of evolving consumer behaviors on IP and the need to address these shifts effectively.
  • Viewing IP not as a cost center but as a revenue center and a resource, with the significance of integrating IP into daily business operations.
  • Valuable advice for entrepreneurs, stressing the early incorporation of IP in business plans, tailored strategies, and leveraging tools for IP portfolio management and revenue generation.

Guest Quotes

#1.)  We also need to have policy makers that do understand intellectual property. And this is not always the case. Not everybody understands the value of IP and the contribution of IP to the economy, to the GDP, to research and development, to social welfare within the different economies of this world.


#2.)  “We've always registered our rights with IP offices. But, now we see more and more that some undertakings, some entrepreneurs are just registering with online platforms, and are not even registering with an IP office. And that is because the product life cycle is becoming shorter and shorter. So, in fact, the product life cycle is much shorter than the right that is being granted.”


#3.) “Of course there are challenges. I always like to say that every time there is a challenge there is an equal opportunity. And here, the opportunity with those technologies is that we need to embrace those technologies. We need to embrace the societal changes, and IP will always have its space. It's very clear that IP is contributing to research and development. It's very clear that IP is contributing to the social welfare, to GDP, to employment. We just need to keep playing our role and supporting IP.”


#4.) “It's extremely important for businesses to understand. IP not as a cost center, but as a revenue usage. And it's really thinking about, what is the potential IP could additionally bring to the company. So really, looking into intellectual property as a resource. The moment you look into intellectual property as a revenue center, as a resource, you're going to keep investing in your intellectual property. And, that's having the right professionals, the right teams, the right resources to be able to do their job.”


#5.) “IP will always be an enabler of, you know, innovation and creativity, not the other way around. And, of course, if we do not grant rights to the innovators, to the creators, then what is the point of creating and innovating? We need to reward that - whether it's through a patent or through another IP, right?”


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