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MARQ VISION Smart Camera for iOS & Android

Powerful camera app with integrated smart recognition technology
Pack your items as usual. We take care of the rest for you.

Our smart recognition technology automatically detects your shipping labels, extracts tracking information and captures key moments of your packing process.

Our Software

A complete suite of features built to operate with a click of a button
Video Dashboard
Easily manage all of your packing videos from a single dashboard, and search past videos using a tracking number or customer information.
Engage your customers by sending emails with packaging videos to keep them appraised and enthusiastic for your product.
How it Works
Video Analysis
Review the quality of the packing process and assess your customers' claims by examining the time-stamped video.
Capture key moments by taking snapshots of the video to collect evidence that supports your case in case a return dispute arises.
How it Works
Customer Marketing
Provide your customer with a branded marketing page unique to your company.
Display integrated banners and links to boost sales and increase repeat customers.
How it Works


Configure an efficient setup without modifying your existing workstation
- Smartphone
Use any smartphone device to start recording
- Camera Stand
One size doesn't fit all. Find the right camera stand that best matches your packaging process.
- Packing Box
Place a box inside the camera viewport for full-coverage.
- Packing Table
Simply install a camera stand on your packing table

Customer Video

Wow your customers with high-quality packaging videos
Turn your return claims into a growth engine
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