A complete suite of features built to effortlessly record your packing process and send verified videos to your customers.


Powerful camera app with integrated smart recognition technology.
Pack your items as usual. We take care of the rest for you.

Our smart recognition technology automatically detects your shipping labels, extracts tracking information and captures key moments of your packing process.


Easy-to-use dashboard built to operate with a click of a button.

Easily manage all of your packing videos from a single dashboard, and search past videos using a tracking number or customer information.


Review your customer information and deliver high-quality packing videos directly to your customers' inbox.


Review the quality of the packing process and assess your customers' claims by examining the time-stamped video.


Capture key moments by taking snapshots of the video to collect evidence that supports your case in case a return dispute arises.


Configure an efficient setup without modifying your existing workstation
Use any smartphone device that downloads our app to start recording.
Camera Stand
One size does not fit all. Identify the right camera stand that matches your packing process.
Packing Box
Place a box inside the camera viewport for full-coverage.
Packing Table
No need to adjust your workstation. Just install a camera stand on your existing packing table.
Overhead Holder
  • Attach the jaw clamp to the packing table
  • For sellers with various box sizes
    (universal standard)
  • Footwear, Cosmetic, Electronics, etc
  • Max height 43in / 109cm
  • Starting at $29.90 in Amazon
Wall Mount Holder
  • Attach to the wall using screw drives
  • For  sellers with large items or large boxes
    (20x10x5 in)
  • Apparel, Electornics, Footwear, etc
  • -
  • Starting at $19.80 in Amazon
Table Top Holder
  • Place the holder on top of packing table
  • For sellers with small items or small boxes
    (universal standard)
  • Apparel, Electornics, Footwear, etc
  • Max height 16in / 40cm
  • Starting at $16.59 in Amazon


Wow your customers with high-quality packing videos
Shipping Information
Brand Logo and Website
Brand Logo and Website
Time-stamped Packing Video
  • Time-stamped Packing Video
  • Brand Logo and Website
  • Shipping Information
  • Brand Logo and Website
Turn your return claims into a growth engine