Test Purchase Service

Conduct test purchases without revealing your brand's identity

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Protecting your brand, one purchase at a time

Why test purchases are a must for any comprehensive strategy

Test purchase suspicious products that lack counterfeit indicators in the listing
Test purchase suspected counterfeit products to learn more about what they are made of and how they are packaged
Test purchase obvious counterfeit products to collect evidence that can be used to work with marketplaces to permanently remove counterfeit sellers and prevent them from opening new stores
Test purchase products that appear to be authentic but are offered at a considerably lower price point

Discover the true reach of infringing networks with Seller Intel

Reveal the infringing networks hiding beneath the surface with Seller Intel

Reveal the real number of entities behind each seller's name
Uncover seller connections across different channels
Focus enforcement efforts on top infringing individuals, groups, and organizations
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Test Purchase + Seller Intel

Learn how you can use test purchase and seller intelligence data to support further investigation efforts, legal action, and online enforcement


Coupang releases new anti - counterfeiting policy

How test purchases are a brand's new secret weapon against counterfeits

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