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Camdon Jewelry
  • Industry: Jewelry
  • Headquarter: Chicago, IL
  • Revenue: USD 10 million
  • Net Profit: USD 2 million

“Using MARQ differentiates us from other competitors in the market. Our customers appreciate the customized videos they receive and this attracts even more customers to our brand.”

-Kevin Michalski, VP of Marketing
Net Profit
1.4 mil
False Returns
Repeat Customers
Sole Emperor
  • Industry: Footwear
  • Headquarter: Los Angeles, CA
  • Revenue: USD 4 million
  • Net Profit: USD 1.6 million

“MARQ takes customer experience to another level. Watching packing videos, our customers now know how products they purchased are prepared in our warehouse.”

-David Kapelushnik, Founder and CEO
Net Profit
0.4 mil
False Returns
Repeat Customers
MARS Cosmetics
  • Industry: Cosmetics
  • Headquarter: Hamburg, Germany
  • Revenue: EUR 0.5 miilion
  • Net Profit: EUR 0.2 miilion

“We used to spend a lot of time constantly dealing with unfair return claims. After using MARQ, those claims have almost disappeared. We also love to see them get excited about their new beauty products, even before they are delivered.”

-Claire Tilbury, CEO
Net Profit
0.1 mil
False Returns
Repeat Customers
Turn your return claims into a growth engine