Quality Assurance for Online Retailers

Record packaging process to avoid shipping complaints and supercharge your customer experience.

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Supercharge your customer experience and avoid costly shipping complaints

Brand Experience

Maximize transparency and create additional touchpoint with your customers through high-quality packaging videos.

Maximum Protection

Avoid false customer complaints and minimize the risk of costly disputes by verifying every transaction.

No More Mistakes

Prevent packaging errors, such as shipping wrong orders or defective products, using AI-based alert system.

Digitize Operations

Monitor productivity of your employees and efficiently deal with customer complaints by digitizing packaging process.

Drive immediate business impact through packaging videos

Luxury Brands :

Create a premium, luxury experience with quality assurance while protecting valuable items from costly disputes.

Fashion Brands :

Reassure your customers that their items are visually inspected while preventing packaging errors using AI-based alert system.

Handmade Goods & Collectibles :

Establish additional touchpoints with customers while protecting your items from false damage or misplacement claims.

Food Companies :

Reduce food safety and health concerns with real-time monitoring and provide strong support against unsubstantiated claims.

Over 1,000 clients trust MARQONE to send videos to customers

Videos generate 10% of additional sales through a unique customer experience

"MARQONE truly differentiates us in the market. Packaging videos create a unique, memorable customer experience."

Sang Lee
CEO of Ollie

“MARQONE takes customer experience to another level. Customers deeply appreciate the visibility and transparency in supply chain.”

David Kapelushnik
Founder of MARS

Our clients have seen a 90% drop in shipping complaints

"In the past, we used surveillance cameras to check if customers' claims were true. MARQONE greatly simplifies our work."

Avi Mirpuri
Ballerina Jewelry

“We used to spend a lot of time dealing with unfair shipping complaints, and those almost disappeared after using MARQONE.”

Claire Tilbury
CEO of Camdon

Start MARQONE in three steps

Setup your workstation for recording

Install our app on your mobile device. Place your mobile device over the packing desk and start recording.  

Pack your order

Start packing. Once you are done, press the Stop Record button. This will automatically upload your videos to our online dashboard.

Review and send video

Review and send videos on your dashboard. All videos would be marked with timestamps and brand logo.

Dashboard for quick and easy video management

Dashboard for quick and easy video management

Automated Barcode Detection enables seamless packing process.

AI-Based Instant Detection

Our AI-based mobile app instantly scans shipping label and extracts tracking number, eliminating the need to match each video to its customer.

Continuous Recording

We support continuous recording feature so that larger enterprises do not have to compromise packaging speed for security.

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Effortlessly send packaging videos from your mobile app.